The Remarkable & Impressive Ford Edge ST

Out of all the hot automobiles that have been unveiled over the past few months, the 2020 Ford Edge ST has been a fan-favorite. This mid-size SUV is based on high performance, and it certainly delivers. Let's see what other features that this amazing vehicle has to offer.

First and foremost, the Ford Edge ST has an eye-catching appearance that's athletic and pleasing to the naked eye. Good aerodynamics can be seen from the front to the rear, and there are strong body lines that are present throughout the body. This sweeping design perfectly matches what the SUV can do on the highway. Consumers can expect to receive at least 29 mpg on the highway. Impressive handling and a sporty suspension give the vehicle good flexibility. The Ford Edge ST can even seat up to five individuals.

The time is now to get a free test drive of the 2020 Ford Edge ST from our location, so don't keep us on the back burner.

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