Headlights are an essential piece of safety gear on your vehicle. Whether you're driving during the day or the night, headlights decrease your risk of an accident by ensuring that other motorists can see you and that you can see other motorists. Here are a few basic facts that are good to know about your vehicle's headlights.

One point to note is that the lenses on your vehicle's headlights can become cloudy. This is typically caused by small dust particles in the wind in Jacksboro, TX scraping your headlights, creating microscopic scratches on the surface of the lens. These scratches should be removed to restore the clarity of your headlight lenses to ensure the beams of light are focused properly. It's also good to know that there are different types of headlight bulbs available. There are halogen, HID, and LED bulbs, with LED bulbs lasting the longest.

To understand all your options when it comes to headlight bulb replacement, stop by the service center at Four Stars Ford and speak with one of our technicians today.

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