Four Stars Ford Car Care: Your Vehicle's Gaskets Explained

Our team values our Jacksboro, TX consumers. It is important to us that our customers are informed about their vehicles so that they can recognize any signs of problems. Your vehicle's gaskets are important and help your vehicle function properly, but what do they do?

Your gaskets form a seal between two or more surfaces. They can retain fluids and gases, and they are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. Gaskets can be made from numerous materials, but the most common material that is used to make gaskets is multi-layered steel. Copper and rubber are other materials that are used for gaskets.

The most common gasket is a head gasket. This type of gasket fills the gap between the engine block and the cylinder. There are also intake manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, and bearing gaskets. There are signs to look for that let you know your gaskets may need service. If you notice bubbling, gurgling, or foaming under the radiator, it could be because of a hole in the gasket.

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