The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Offers Extraordinary Levels of Flexibility

The 2019 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is a fun and stylish full-size van style wagon. This vehicle blends many of the best features of minivans and station wagons, offering longer bodies and higher ceilings. This vehicle also offers many high-tech features that together offer unparalleled levels of owner choice and flexibility.

2019 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon owners have their choice of two powerful and fuel-efficient motors. The smaller version is the 1.5L Blue Diesel motor. This motor style provides the efficiency of diesel delivered to the cylinders through direct injection ports. The larger size offers 2.0L of displacement for additional power output. It also comes with a range extending 8-speed automatic transmission that gets the most out of these motors.

2019 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon owners also have their choices of wheel-base length. The Transit Passenger Wagon includes a short wheelbase version that offers two rows of seating and extra space for cargo. The long wheelbase version adds an extra three seats to maximize passenger room and comfort.

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