While muscle cars are known and appreciated for their power, it is important to realize the need for them to handle well also. When the vehicle that you're driving is flourishing with power that is tempered with adequate handling, the driving experience around Jacksboro, TX becomes a true joy. The makers of the 2019 Ford Mustang understand this and have included features to provide better handling.

There are a number of things that have been made available to make the 2019 Mustang a better handling vehicle. Among these is the available Electric Power Assisted Steering system. This system has three modes designed to provide the steering experience that you desire. Comfort mode requires the least amount of effort to steer. Normal mode strikes a balance providing steering that keeps you engage but that isn't overly difficult to steer. The last is the Sport mode. This mode requires more effort to steer.

Attention to detail has also been a focus with the brake system of the Ford Mustang. To match the performance and power of the engine, all brakes available for the new Mustang has the stopping power that you'd expect from a performance vehicle.

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