The Ford Expedition Has Outstanding Technology Features

All Ford Expeditions are created with delightful accessories and up-to-date technology. However, the newest Ford Expedition is equipped with a great dimension of technology.

One of the main pieces of technology within the new Ford Expedition is the voice activation system. This system allows drivers and passengers to call people, play music, and even change the navigation process. This allows the driver to be more accurate on the road and to have fewer distractions.

Another great piece of technology in the new Ford Expedition is the parking assistance program. This allows drivers to be signaled while they are parking in case they get to close to other cars. This parking system even has the ability to stop the car at once, but this is only in cases where the driver is getting too close to other vehicles.

If people are truly interested in taking this car for a ride, they can come to Four Stars Ford. We are located in Jacksboro, TX.

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