Get to Work with the 2018 Ford F-250

If You Are Going to Choose a Truck to Take to the Worksite, It’s This One!

The Ford F-250 is the ideal truck for the worksite. This is because it can stand up to any challenge. It is capable of any job and doesn’t fear to carry or to tow heavy loads. It is not only built to perform but it is built to last!

This pickup truck sports a fully boxed high-strength steel frame. This is built with over 95 percent of high-strength steel and 10 cross members. This frame is 24 times stiffer than the previous year’s frames and is a large part why the Ford F-250 achieves the best-in-class payload and tow ratings.

If you side with the upgraded and available 6.7-liter Power Stroke ® Engine, you will enjoy the best-in-class 450 horsepower and 935 pound-feet of torque. These capabilities are supported by strong axles. These axles provide greater weight-bearing capabilities so you can achieve superior load-carrying capabilities.

This frame is 24 times stiffer than previous year's frames and is a large part why the Ford F-250 achieves the best-in-class payload and tow ratings

These are supported with stronger and more responsive suspension and steering components. They allow you better control while hauling or towing huge loads. Folks may be happy to know that the Super Duty ® comes with standard AdvanceTrac ® with Roll Stability Control ™ and Trailer Sway Control. These employ selective wheel braking and can reduce power to maintain vehicle stability and ensure that your tow is stable.

Ford F-250 Tested by Engineers

Ford engineers put the Ford F-250 to the ultimate test. They conducted over 12 million miles of testing, putting the pickup truck through real and simulated conditions. They even gave prototype models to workers in varying industries to see how they stood up. Some of the conditions that the Ford F-250 stood up to were as low -20 degree Fahrenheit weathers and as high as 120-degree weathers.

When you side with the Ford F-250, you aren’t just siding with a truck. You are siding with a truck that has stood up to every challenge thrown at it and come out of the other side a winner.

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